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What is Zion?

Zion is the ultimate bridge between screenwriters and studios, revolutionizing script discovery and collaboration. It's a curated marketplace where only the best scripts capture the attention of major industry players. Beyond a marketplace, Zion is a vibrant platform packed with features for streamlined rights acquisition and studio collaboration. It's a hub where screen writers unite, exchange ideas, and create magic together.

How does Zion work?

It's simple! Upload your script, pass our quality check, and watch as production companies line up to access, inquire, and potentially acquire your script. The platform is your gateway to an exciting world of opportunities!

How are scripts selected for the marketplace?

To get your script featured in the marketplace, it's as simple as submitting it to one of our exciting competitions and landing among the top three winners. But hold on tight, because if you're part of the Screenplay Stars program, get ready for an exclusive treat! You'll enjoy full access to all the amazing features and the freedom to upload any script that ignites your passion. Just keep in mind, our thorough quality check ensures we deliver nothing but excellence.

Can I sell the rights to my script on Zion?

Absolutely! At Zion, we provide a platform where you can showcase your script and connect with potential buyers. When your script is selected for the marketplace, you could potentially the rights to industry professionals who may recognize its brilliance. Your talent deserves recognition, and Zion is here to help you turn your script into a valuable asset in the entertainment industry.

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