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For Screenwriters
What is this about?

We're building the ultimate bridge between screenwriters and studios, revolutionizing script discovery and collaboration. A curated marketplace packed with features for streamlined rights acquisition where only the best scripts would have the opportunity of capturing the attention of major industry players.

How does it work?

The process is straightforward. Submit your script, undergo our rigorous quality assessment, and you'll notice interest from production companies who are keen to explore, inquire about, and possibly acquire your work. Our platform serves as your portal to a realm brimming with promising prospects and opportunities.

How are scripts selected for the marketplace?

You would only need to submit your script to one of our exciting competitions and aim for a spot among the top three finalists, or earn a top recommendation from our team of experts.

Can I sell the rights to my script here?

We aim to provide a platform for writers to showcase their scripts and connect with potential buyers. If your script gets selected for the marketplace, you have the chance to sell its rights to industry professionals who may be potentially interested. At Premium Screenplay, we're here to help you turn your talent into a valuable asset in the entertainment industry.

For Studios
What is this?

A curated script marketplace, driven by cutting-edge technology designed to identify scripts and screenwriters perfectly aligned with each studio's unique catalog and box office success criteria. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only top-tier scripts, crafted by a select group of exceptionally talented screenwriters, make their way into our marketplace.

Can I purchase the rights to a script?

Yes, studios have the invaluable opportunity to acquire the rights to scripts that precisely align with their preferences and needs. Our platform presents a curated selection of exceptional scripts, meticulously chosen to meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism.


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